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On My Itinerary: Gothenburg/Gotenborg/Göteborg

What is particularly cool about typing on a Swedish keyboard is that now I can implement all these letters, like ö and ä and å without having to search through Word symbols and inserting. We are now using the free services of the Apple store to check email and update although the CPU are hidden away so I can´t hook my camera up to post pictures. So far, we took a bus ride up to the picturesque island of Marstrand for a pre-wedding luncheon at a fort and former stone jail, followed by a walk around the cobblestoned streets and little wood houses flanked with climbing rose bushes. In the evening a group of 16 of us trekked through the Avelyn, which is the main street and shopping district, for dinner and drinks at the Avalon Hotel. Jon and I ventured down the same street today, poking through fun Swedish shops, admiring the canal systems, counting the number of blonds (many, and I´m not sure if there is unnecessary pressure to be blond here so those who were stuck with dominant genes had theirs highlighted and dyed blond to fit in) and taking pictures of random sculptures. It was nice to finally have a day off without the pressure of packing in the activity into a few hours. Now we must rescue our luggage out of the locker to catch the shuttle to Hallsnäs, where the wedding will take place in a few hours.

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