logo-clear-no-borderFrequently Asked Questions

1. Where exactly have you traveled?

As a kid (as in, age 10 and younger): The Northeast of the U.S., China, Tokyo, Singapore, Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, Vienna and Saltzburg, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Alaska, Michigan, California and Hawaii. I can’t say my memory of those places is that great.

As a teenager/ adult: Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Barcelona, France, Asuncion (Paraguay), Iguazu (Brazil), Canada, most of the U.S., Mexico, parts of the Caribbean (particularly St. Martin and Anguilla), Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Italy, India, western Ireland, London, Istanbul, Sweden, Tokyo, Thailand, Costa Rica, Kenya and Tanzania. I spent extended time in Paris and Loire Valley, and habitually return to Beijing and Anguilla. I’d like to get to Morocco, Australia and Timbuktu (which exists!)  after that. Also on my list are Russia, Vancouver, the rest of Hawaii, Brazil, and Egypt… but I’m really open to anywhere that doesn’t have major political strife, war or disease outbreak going on.

2. Do you have a lot of money or something?

No. I am just very resourceful and spend a LOT of time hunting the Web for great deals. I also carry an American Airlines miles credit card and put my entire MBA tuition and wedding on there (I pay it off immediately, so I still have excellent credit)

3. What languages do you speak?

English, conversational Mandarin and French. I’m working on Spanish and I was enrolled in a beginner Russian class to satisfy my curiousity about the Cyrillic alphabet, but promptly forgot most of what I learned.

4. Have you ever travelled with a kid?

Yes, with my niece. She’s super fun to travel with, because everyone loves her and we get special treatment, but my sister gets very cranky on these trips.

5. What U.S. cities do you frequent?

These days, I live in Washington, so I’m there a lot. I also go up to New York, where I grew up, and to Chicago, where my husband grew up, and to Los Angeles, where we met and have lived before Washington. I also go where my friends’ weddings are.

6. What kind of camera do you use?

Right now: Canon 7D and looking for fancier lenses. Prior: Canon Rebel XS. Prior to that: Canon PowerShot. Prior to that: a Samsung film point & shoot.

7. What are the photos in your header?

They are: a restaurant in Cochin, India; the Eiffel Tower in Paris; spices in Istanbul; Shoal Bay East in Anguilla; and Forbidden City in Beijing. Yes, I took the pictures.

8. Where else can I see your photos?

Thank you for asking! I have a photo blog at www.RedKiteStudios.net.

8. What’s your favorite airport?

I really like Heathrow (LHR), because it has a mini-Harrods. But I don’t like shopping on the pound. I also love Long Beach Airport (LGB), because it has no security line and it is like a bus depot. And I love flying into Westchester Airport (HPN), for the same reason, except it’s more like a country club and is only 10 minutes from my dad’s house. Yes, I also have many airport codes memorized.

9. What’s up with the hats?

I like hats. Also mytravelhat.com was already taken.


2 responses to “FAQ

  1. Michelle Fama

    Love the blog… and I will look forward to peeking in from time to time as if traveling along!

  2. Josh Gluck

    Neato! Let me throw in LAS for another great airport. It’s pretty easy to deal with and where else in North America can you play the slots if your flight is delayed?

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