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4 responses to “Contact

  1. Jim

    Here’s a ‘cool tool’ for travelers. makes it easy to calculate the cost of driving anywhere in the US, and if its cheaper to fly.

  2. Molly Clair

    Hi, Any chance of anywhere in the US having some fall color during Labor Day Weekend? My daughter wants a fall wedding – but travel by many guests will be difficult during the school year.

    Any thoughts will be appreciated! Thanks so much! Molly clair

  3. Rin-rin

    The key to finding fall colors are three-fold: lower temperatures, rainfall and something about sugar in the leaves.

    Leaves tend to turn in the northernmost regions of the country, such as Maine, as early as September. But in areas like Shenandoah (where I just was), the higher altitude brought about many more colors even though it is more south than Washington, which hadn’t seen many colors yet (except that was early October).

    This year, Labor Day happened to be later, which brought about more colors than in past years when it is usually around Sept. 1.

    Utah and Michigan will see some changing leaves immediately after Labor Day. I’m sure great parts of Canada, too. If you’re really bent on having colorful leaves, I would try for a Columbus Day weekend (three day holiday) wedding instead, but if Labor Day is set, then aim for the most northern areas.

  4. myblogject

    I know this will sound a little OTT but I literally love your blog. It is amazing. Your ‘about’ really reminds me of my own situation and love of travel. I have spent a lot of time learning how to use time/money/resources to my advantage, and love this blog to see it from another side. Will be keeping updated. Again great blog. Really love it!

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