About My Travel Hats

logo-clear-no-borderMy Travel Hats is a travel blog created in December, 2008, right before a Thai honeymoon, when questions like “can I pack three weeks of existence into my new carry-on Travelpro suitcase?” and “Will travel insurance protect me from the thousands of people who have taken over the airport in Bangkok?” created days and days of gathered knowledge and travel wisdom that seemed too valuable not to share with others.

This blog represents that population who dream of quitting their day jobs to travel the world but live in a reality of 9-5 jobs, family, friends and a mortgage. However, that doesn’t prevent us from planning those three weeks so carefully to ensure they remain on the brain, until we accrue another three weeks, next year. My Travel Hats focuses on the following topics:

  • In The Suitcase: Travel tips and advice
  • On My Itinerary: Where I’m headed next
  • Now Boarding: Travel industry outlook, including airline and gas prices, promotions and cool deals
  • Cool Tools: New travel tools
  • Getting Lost In…: Focus on a city or area of interest (I tend to get lost in new cities, the best way to discover things)
  • Chomping Around Town: Eating is an important part of travel, and here’s my opinion on some of the best chow in various towns

About Me:

I (Ms. Rin-rin Yu) am a habitual traveler and a journalist who earned her MBA and went to the dark side, i.e. the business development side of journalism. At the time it was a good move, as the rest of the journalism world was laid off approximately nine months after I switched over.  Then I, too, was subjected to unemployment shortly after that as well, TWICE (I call it “Funemployment”, but I stole that from the L.A. Times). Funemployment is really an opportunity to do what you want with your severance, like travel! So I did. I then managed to land a very decent job as director of web content for a very large  lobby group in Washington, where I manage my three weeks of time off very, very diligently.

I am only a travel expert through first-hand experience, and since I only have about three weeks of vacation a year, I can’t really be a true spokesperson for the travel industry. However, I do have investigative reporting capability and experience that allows me to dig around for answers to perplexing issues, like how to find laundry in a rural city of India. I was also a reporter and editor for the award-winning Aquatics International and Waterpark Resorts Today which did focus on the ever-growing waterpark hotel industry, which makes me an expert in the best waterslides around the globe. I also write for a few city guides, like Not For Tourists (Los Angeles city editor, thank you) and HelloMetro’s Washington, DC online guide.

I grew up in the suburbs of New York to a mother who loved traveling and a father who worked for the United Nations, with relatives in Taiwan and China. As a result, I started jetting around the world as a toddler and through my childhood.  In college I flew off to St. Louis for four years, introducing me to a wealth of friends from places I never thought I’d go to, like Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After college my curiosity about new places kept me moving around, including New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, and Paris. I split my time between the Baltimore-Washington region and New York with my husband Jon and traveling sidekick.  My favorite places in the world are Paris, France; Anguilla, British West Indies; Kittery, Maine; Santa Monica, Calif.; and Beijing, China.

My dad designed my suitcase logo.

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