My Travel Hats New Year’s Resolutions

Normally I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, especially since I make other goal-oriented lists already (like the before-30 list, the before-33 list, the before-35 list, the Summer List, Autumn List and now Winter List). However, I felt there should be some for this blog which was once quite popular and then sorrowfully neglected through the year. Usually we blame the animal of the Chinese zodiac, in this case, the seemingly innocent and furry little rabbit, but don’t be fooled by those creatures’ ability to wreak havoc on your year.

Anyway, here are some resolutions brought to you by your editor and creator of your favorite travel blog:

1.  2012 will be the start to a soon-to-be expanded My Travel Hats! Editorial plan still in the works.

2. I will be documenting more places to travel. So far I’ve been sent requests for Istanbul, Budapest, Delhi, Boston and southern California.

3. I will find myself in a foreign country sometime this year. I don’t know when.

4. I will report back what it’s like to drag a small infant around through airports and all the unnecessary necessities to pack along.

Any other requests, please let me know! Happy new year everyone!

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