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On My Itinerary: Parenthood!

I’m back online! I’ve had a lot to deal with in recent months but finally I’ve managed to find my way back to wearing all my different hats, including a soon-to-be hat of a future PARENT. Yes, we’ll soon be toting a little one along on all our journeys and reporting back about how to travel with a baby, then toddler, then child, without being subjected to flying only to kid destinations (I’m putting off Disney World as long as possible). My intention is to start showing my kid the world as soon as possible, starting with a map, followed by interesting and fascinating foods, sites, history, and ways of living beyond anything its imagination is capable of until he/ she see it in person.

In any case, our last journey to somewhere exotic will be the island of Anguilla, which I’ve written about before, where we’ll be exercising our new snorkels I got everyone for Christmas last year, and getting pampered at the CuisinArt Resort (but staying at my favorite Shoal Bay Villas). Even with maternity clothes, my luggage is being reduced to a backpack and camera, since all you need are flip-flops and swimsuits anyway.

In the meantime, we’re preparing for all sorts of adventures and researching how to pack a baby to travel the world. Stay tuned for our list of tried-and-true world-travelin’ baby gear!


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