In the Suitcase: please close your hotel curtains

Here I am in my new office situated across from a hotel. My window faces this hotel and believe me, we get some great entertainment.

So far it’s been pretty mundane – someone on his computer, someone else drinking coffee, a maid cleaning the room, someone staring back across the street. However, this morning we received one of the best spectacles ever seen at this office: naked man going through a briefcase AT THE WINDOW. He must have stood there for at least an hour. There’s also a good chance he was going to a conference or meeting in my building, which has conference facilities.

Apparently last year there was a crowd forming in the lobby of the building staring up at the same hotel to an open window where a man nonchalantly ironed his clothes in the nude.

Some helpful hints to avoid embarassing yourself or have unwanted pictures of you showing up on the Internet:

1. If you can see us, we can see you.

2. If you can’t see us because your window is tinted, just assume we can see you too.

3. Even if you don’t care if you’re seen, some of us care and don’t want to really see that much of you.

4. If you’re on business, really think about closing those curtains. You may never know who’s in your meeting.


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One response to “In the Suitcase: please close your hotel curtains

  1. That’s pretty funny. I’m sure that did make for some entertainment.

    The building i live in faces another building. I am always sure to close my curtains because I never know who may be watching and I don’t want them to be shocked or appaled.

    I wonder how that would have effected a meeting you could have had with him an hour later 🙂

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