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On My Itinerary: Colombia!

photo courtesy of Su Casa Colombia

We’ve decided it was time to take advantage of friends who live internationally and visit them all. So just like that – we booked a flight to Colombia (the country) for Thanksgiving. We’ll be flying into Medellin, out of Cartagena, just for one week, but since I was granted a whole week of vacation I figured I should take advantage of this American rarity. We haven’t planned much beyond that we’ll be staying with Jon’s friends, Noah and Marcela, who own a lovely B&B in Medellin (Su Casa Colombia), fly out to Cartagena on the coast and a UNESCO World Heritage site, and then the rest will take us as the Colombian coffee breeze goes.

Now that the country has cleaned itself up and become much safer for people to venture, Colombia is one of those up-and-coming tourist spots, as Panama and Nicaragua are. It’s a place I never thought I’d venture to and now I am. I couldn’t even find a guide book at the Union Station bookstore on Colombia. If any travel guide companies out there would like to hire me to write the first one, I’d be more than happy to.  Stay tuned for more on this latest trip!


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In the Suitcase: please close your hotel curtains

Here I am in my new office situated across from a hotel. My window faces this hotel and believe me, we get some great entertainment.

So far it’s been pretty mundane – someone on his computer, someone else drinking coffee, a maid cleaning the room, someone staring back across the street. However, this morning we received one of the best spectacles ever seen at this office: naked man going through a briefcase AT THE WINDOW. He must have stood there for at least an hour. There’s also a good chance he was going to a conference or meeting in my building, which has conference facilities.

Apparently last year there was a crowd forming in the lobby of the building staring up at the same hotel to an open window where a man nonchalantly ironed his clothes in the nude.

Some helpful hints to avoid embarassing yourself or have unwanted pictures of you showing up on the Internet:

1. If you can see us, we can see you.

2. If you can’t see us because your window is tinted, just assume we can see you too.

3. Even if you don’t care if you’re seen, some of us care and don’t want to really see that much of you.

4. If you’re on business, really think about closing those curtains. You may never know who’s in your meeting.

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On My Itinerary: Culebra, Puerto Rico!

Over the Xmas holiday, we’ll be jetting off to the island of Culebra off Puerto Rico, with its crystal-clear water and white sand beaches. It’s one of the top diving spots in the world. It’s too bad I or any of my family traveling with me do not dive, but we’ll be snorkeling from above. I’ll be getting my whole family personal masks and mouthpieces for Christmas, so we no longer have to rent equipment that hundreds of other people have spat and chewed on before us. (This is also a test to see which of my family members actually read my blog and now learned their Christmas gift).
In any case, it has been quite an ordeal to book a flight to Culebra. Usually when traveling to the Caribbean, you fly through San Juan to connect – but for some reason, flying to San Juan itself is requiring a change of planes. We’ll be taking Spirit Air with its carry-on baggage fees and all (but all you need is a swimsuit and book, right?) and then switching in Miami. We have to figure out the second leg to Culebra – you can opt for a puddle jumper, or the ferry, which takes longer and ends up costing about the same after you factor in taxi fare to the ferry and everything.
Anyhow, I’ll keep everyone posted about this upcoming trip and the ins-and-outs of traveling to our favorite U.S. territory. Stay tuned!

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