Now Boarding: the Skyrider airline seat

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. An Italian company, Aviointeriors, has invented a new airline seat that resembles a horse’s saddle. Known as the “Skyrider,” it’s been said to be the “least comfortable” seat but will provide about 40 percent more seating per plane, and airlines could charge less for such a seat. It’s also been described as a “bar stool” with a seatbelt. Perhaps riders of those seats will get drinks throughout the flight to help them forget what a terrible idea this ever was. (I was always a fan of Italian designers – until now).

There are airlines who are interested, including Ryanair and China’s Spring Airlines. And why not? With the industry hurting, it will get people to fly. Ryanair says it would offer such seats for flights of 90 minutes or less.  Truthfully, I suppose I could withstand a flying bar stool for 90 minutes, so thankfully Ryanair is thinking in that direction. But are other airlines going to do the same – or actually expect passengers to fly those cross-country? Maybe next we’ll just have rows of walls with belts, and we’ll just have standing room-only sections at the back of the plane.


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