Wanderings: I need a shower! (Greetings from Kenya!)

I’m on a terrible keyboard here outside Nairobi, where Jon and I just finished our one-week volunteer stint at a Maasai village  where we lived in a house of mud/tin/sticks with no running water and no electricity. They had to haul their water from the nearby well, so we felt extremely guilty about using a lot of it for something high-maintenanced and cosmetic like having clean hair. The entire land was made of red-rusty-colored dust, so all our clothes and luggage and currently our hair and skin is a new shade of red. Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and our host family, and starry starry nights, waking up to mooing cows and bleeping goats,  sighting baboons and giraffes, and contributing to what is now the first library for the Olmararoi Primary School (building tables from scrraatch and painting them with probably leaded paint). Pictures and more details to come later, because we’re off to Tanzania tomorrow!


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