On My Itinerary: Jambo, Nairobi!

Note: I did not take this picture. Picture of Nairobi Bus Station.

We’re arrived safe and sound in NAIROBI, sometimes known as “Nairobbery” but the volunteer organizer, Jamie-lee, this peppy blond New Zealander, said it is all media hype (though I’m still wary). After a long haul flight to Addis Ababa via Rome (where nobody got on or off except some loud Italian cleaning crews who came on board to take our trash) and then onto Nairobi, we met up with some other people volunteering with us, and all piled into an old-school van with some serious shock-absorbers as we bounced down the pothole-filled dirt road to our temporary homestays until our volunteering starts on Monday. So far Nairobi’s outskirts strike me as a mix of the Caribbean, of India, of Beijing, of Thailand, and of Costa Rica. I haven’t shot any pictures yet because I don’t want to be SO touristy to be taking pictures of their fruit and traffic and the sign-maker because I wouldn’t do that at home, either. I guess the point is I’m not at home right now. We’re going to check out this giant Target-like shop after we log off the Internet. Check back!


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