Wanderings: traveling light to Africa

I’m fairly swamped today with last-minute preparations/ cleaning/ deadlines/ etc. before we take off for Africa, but I’m pretty impressed with our minimalist packing. This is an entire week of clothing (well, we each get two pairs of pants or shorts and I have a skirt), plus two bedsheets (from Ikea, $2), quick-drying hiking towels, toiletries, mosquito coils, sandals, five big books, swimsuits, headlamps, travel backgammon set, journal, sleepwear, camera with three lenses and a flash, two boxes of granola bars, hats and flip flops. The most important thing: laundry detergent and copies of our passport. We’ve packed it all into a carry-on suitcase and Jon’s school bag, a small daypack and a camera bag. The best part is we’ll be throwing out about half the stuff we bring, to make room for all the fun African sculptures/ art/ animals we’ll be bringing back.

All of this… fits into below.


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