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On My Itinerary: AFRICA!

Finally! my summer is starting. Working in a windowless office can really steal away your seasons. It’s about the same temperature inside year-round, and the minor difference is on my commute home I might wear a coat or not. (Well, it’s really a major difference whether I should put on 10 layers or remove 3, depending on if it’s summer or winter. Irregardless, I’m finally getting a well-deserved vacation).

We jet off Friday for NAIROBI via Rome and Addis Ababa, where we’ll start with a week of volunteering at an elementary school with a Maasai village. We’ve managed to raise nearly $1,500 to donate to the school and we’ll be stopping at a Barnes & Noble before we leave to pick up a lot of educational children’s books and some school supplies.

Afterwards, we’ll be headed to TANZANIA for a safari, followed by a quick visit in DAR ES SALAAM with some of Jon’s friends and then to enjoy the beach and maze of Stone Town in ZANZIBAR. I have to capitalize all these cities and countries because they just sound so exotic.

I’ll try to post updates and some pictures, but we may be in areas that don’t even have electricity, let alone internet (although when we visited the “remote villages” of Chiang Mai in Thailand, they lived in open-air bamboo huts and sifted rice by hand, but managed to sell us some framed photos of us taken only moments ago with a digital camera and printed and framed automatically). Keep checking!

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