Cool Tools: Registering with the State Department

My travel health advisor (the one who injected me with yellow fever so I won’t get it abroad) mentioned a Cool Tool: the State Department registry. You register yourself and any upcoming trips with as much information as you’d like to give. In return, you can sign up for email alerts about travel warnings, and they’ll have your information on record if you need to be evacuated, notified, reached, or whatnot.

You list your travel dates, where you’ll be going, with whom you’re traveling, your passport information, and any addresses of hotels or places you’re staying. It makes it easier if an emergency comes up, or if you need to leave the country immediately¬†and the embassy is booking you a ticket. They just pull up your information and get you started. It’s also helpful if you have particularly panicking parents who hear about an incident in, say, Mozambique, and freak out wondering if you’re affected in, say, Tanzania.

I signed us up and opted to let them notify my family of anything necessary. You can also opt in your friends, the US Congress, and the media. I chose not to make it so complicated. I figured my family can always decide who they would like to notify on their own.

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