Cool Tools: Mom’s Minivan!

Oh no! It’s summertime and you have to pile the kids into the car for a roadtrip to Grandma’s. And your car doesn’t have a newfangled DVD player anchored to the ceiling! What are you going to do!

Or perhaps, you’ve decided your kids have had enough watching of the boob-tube (picture the fat people in Wall-E with screens permanently attached to their heads) and maybe it’s time to re-visit some fun car games that reigned your road trips as a child. After all, it’s creativity that shapes young minds, not passive TV watching. Plus, part of traveling together is the idea of being together as a family. Enter

Here’s an extremely creative alternative to the DVD player. Hours of fun with pen, paper, aluminum foil and string! Play car bingo! Help your kids create a travel journal! Sing songs! Yes, you’ll have “99 bottles of beer on the wall” stuck in your head forever (my dad still does) but it will be that much more of a memory for your family than that time they watched “Finding Nemo” in the backseat.

The activities are divided up by age and also include tips on plane travel and car sickness.

Also note that these activities don’t require just a car, except maybe the License Plate Game and Car Bingo. But involving your kids in observing the world outside their window and encouraging them to learn from what they see is a far more valuable experience than watching the same movie again and again. I particularly like the Counting Cows game. After a while, maybe they’ll fall asleep, too.

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