Cool Tools: The portable safe!

Guidebooks and people are always warning about valuables on trips. “Make sure you lock them in the hotel safe!” is a popular piece of advice. Well, if you’re a budgety traveler like I am and sometimes stay in places that don’t come with fancy-schmancy safes, then you’re in a bit of a pickle.

Fear not, I came across this great product that’s actually been out for a few years now: the portable safe.

Pacsafe makes all sorts of anti-theft travel gear, from bags and money belts to locks and cables and even this handy portable safe. You fold it up like a handkerchief and put it in your bag until you reach your destination, then you can stow away all your valuables into it, lock it up and lock it to something heavy (like a bed or bathroom sink leg).

Sure, you’re skeptical like me: “why don’t they just cut through the bag and take it?” Well, because Pacsafe uses these super-strong steel cables to make a net that is supposed to be slash-proof and secures your belongings inside it.

Need something bigger? There are two versions for laptops and other electronics that can also fit into any carry-on you might have with you. You can lock it to something inside your bag to prevent people from stealing out of your bag, which has happened to me, except they took an empty wallet (I carried all my cash and credit cards in my money belt for fear of being robbed out of my backpack – and it paid off).  But the best place is somewhere hidden in your room, locked and secured to something immovable, and then lock your room.

The small version retails at $45 and the large one at $90, which are not cheap. However, it’s like buying insurance – saving yourself the headache of replacing your passport and spending more money just to replace the missing items. I’m fairly excited to test one out this summer when we head out to Tanzania and Kenya!


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