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Cool Tools: Airport gyms finder

I’m sure many entrepreneurs have been salivating over this idea: a chain of gyms across airports for those with long layovers or a delayed flight. Easy, right? Rope off an area or lease space in an airport or several spaces in each terminal equipped with machines, weights, locker rooms with space for luggage and a shower, towel and toiletry service, and even a personal trainer you can reserve ahead of time. You can buy a one-time pass or a “frequent flier” pass. Believe me, I’ve mulled this idea over for a long time.

However, the concept has not caught on. Very few gyms actually exist in airports! It’s left many business-types scratching their heads in wonderment. Look at this golden opportunity! Look at all this low-hanging fruit! Look at all this (insert other terrible business cliches here).

What does exist, however, is this Web site: Airport Gyms, which locates the nearest gym to your airport and all the details you need. For example, perhaps you’re stuck in Chicago, as I was this weekend, awaiting tornado threats to pass so I could fly without worrying that we’d dash into a whirlwind. You click on “Illinois” and it pulls up the gyms all central around the airport. There happens to be one in the airport at the Hilton. For $15 I can get a day pass to the gym and swim in its indoor pool, and I can even purchase workout clothes if I have none with me. Or, perhaps I’d rather take a 5-minute train or cab ride to the Bally outside the airport.

If you’re looking for gyms actually located in airports, your dear Travel Hats writer actually combed through the list and found them:


Vancouver: at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel spa

Los Angeles: at LAX in the Radisson Hotel

Chicago: at the Hilton Hotel by O’Hare

Boston: at the Hilton Hotel (5 minute walk by sky bridges)(pictured here)

Detroit: at the Westin Hotel

Las Vegas: a 24-hour fitness (although apparently now it is only open to airport employees. Call ahead)

Pittsburgh: at the Hilton Hotel

The site depends on users and donations within the United States and Canada to function.

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