Now Boarding: This Week’s Travel headlines

Happy Wednesday Travelers! Here’s an update in travel news: 

JETBLUE was offering $10 tickets to celebrate its 10-year anniversary of service, to be purchased yesterday and today, but the promotion was so successful it sold out. 

CHINA has lifted a 20-year ban on travelers with HIV and AIDS that prevented them from entering the country. The Border Quarantine Law was amended recently, in light of the Shanghai Expo 2010. 

LIBYA’S plane crash has one lone survivor, an 8-year-old Dutch boy. The Afriqiyah Airways plane from Johannesburg crashed while attempting to land at its destination in Tripoli, Libya, killing nearly 100 passengers on board. Investigations are still underway. The airline, based in Tripoli, has no prior history of crashes or accidents. 



British Airways is threatening another strike by the cabin crew this summer. The 20-day walkoff could affect hundreds of thousands of passengers, including 90,000 who travel through Heathrow alone each day in summer. This would interfere with soccer fans trying to get to South Africa for the World Cup in June. The strike is in response to British Airways’ removing travel perks to those who were striking in March.

MEXICO TRAVEL WARNING EXTENDED. The US State Department has extended its travel advisory to Mexico to include three more states: Michoacan and Tamaulipas, as well as parts of Sinaloa. Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila. These include popular tourist attractions, such as Copper Canyon and the monarch butterfly mountains of Michoacan. These areas have recently experienced violence and organized crime related to drugs. The Mexican government is working to protect travelers, and millions still visit Mexico safely. However, it warns that gangs may use new tactics, such as blocking roads with stolen vehicles and hijacking cars, at times and places that are still unpredictable.


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