Cool Tools: Hiding your valuables at the beach

Protecting your valuables on the beach is always a tricky deal: you want to bring your Ipod, your phone, your camera, plus your money and keys, but then one of your friends or family has to stay behind to guard everything while everyone else runs off. Or, you just take a deep breath and against all better judgement, hide your valuables under the oh-so-secure beach towel and “keep an eye” on it while you’re in the water. That’s relaxing, isn’t it?

Some options for this summer’s beach time.

 Reef, the maker of many a brown leather flip-flop worn by yuppie men 30 and under, has come up with an ingenious hiding place for the items of your wallet. Possibly inspired by the Shoe Bomber, the Reef Stash Sandals can hold your cash, credit card, room key, and other small, flat items right inside itself. Cool? Dude. Drawbacks: It only holds that amount of stuff. Your camera, watch, Blackberry, and other items you probably should have left behind because, after all, you’re on vacation, won’t fit in that shoe. In addition, since they’re not securely strapped to your feet, you do run the risk of having the ocean waves wash your shoe away.

Insist on vacationing with your Blackberry on and your watch set to the right time zone, and your phone poised and ready in case your boss calls? You should just go home. But if you won’t, you can option to strap this Day Pak drybag around your waist. The bag is waterproof and air-tight, so no water can get in (theoretically). Jon and I do own one of these but I think we still got too nervous about putting our camera inside (we opted to hide it in a better place, under that secure towel or maybe even a book). If you want to try, seal your items in a zip-loc bag first, then into this bag for double security. This bag is also large enough to hold your passports as well, if necessary. Sure, you might look geeky in the photos, but at least you still had your camera available to take the pictures.


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