Now Boarding: Flying through ashen skies

If you’re one of the thousands of travelers stranded because Iceland, a country named for being very icy, had a volcanic eruption spewing fire and ash into the skies and making visibility and flying conditions unsafe, then you must be enjoying the long queues trying to get a rail ticket, a rental car, a hotel, a cup of coffe, anything until the skies clear and you can continue your journey wherever you’re headed.

I have no good advice to offer, other than, this is life! Life is an unpredictable trip, and that’s what makes it so exciting. Think of all the stories you have from this experience. Even now, people in Baltimore and DC still talk about the February snowstorms that rendered the federal government useless and closed for a whole week. I am one who tends to enjoy natural disasters (as long as people don’t get hurt). There is something so fascinating about having your daily life shaken up, altered, uncontrolled, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Forget complaining or trying to get back to your normal life – it isn’t happening right away. Instead, be original with your newfound time.

No matter where you’re stuck far from home, I’m sure there is something interesting you’ve wanted to see that you didn’t have time before. Now’s the time to take advantage. Go treat yourself to a delicious meal, or see a new museum, or participate in a new event happening in town. Sleep in a hostel! What’s the worst that could happen to you? By far, this will be one of your most memorable experiences. Take pictures. Write it down. Share it with friends and family. Tell it to your grandchildren.

Life! It’s a trip, isn’t it?


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