In the Suitcase: Trip insurance!

I briefly mentioned the value of purchasing trip insurance twice in this blog: once when our honeymoon to Thailand was nearly sabotaged by the hundred thousands of protestors taking over the airports in Bangkok, and another regarding injuries while on vacation.

Now, Jon and I are cashing in on our trip insurance, which we bought for one purpose (anticipating the death of a family member) and are applying for another (not anticipating Jon would rupture his spleen while skiing). We had planned a quick trip to Tahoe for the end of Jon’s spring break at my cousin’s timeshare when we got wind of the potential family emergency, but then on the slopes of Alpine Meadows, a skiier got in his way and Jon ended up tumbling several times, skis and poles flying in four directions. After hearing Jon complain of pain in his abdomen AND shoulder, the medics called an ambulance and whisked him away to the local hospital for a CT scan. Apparently the combination of stomach and shoulder pain meant the spleen could be affected. They were correct: Jon was bleeding internally, and sent into surgery right away.

Fortunately, he still has most of his spleen and is finally snoring away in his hospital bed. Tonight I am opting to sleep in the neighboring bed instead of at the house, which was  warm and festive with lots of people over the weekend, but after everyone left, it became a ghostly large house in the woods and the lightning did not comfort me much, all alone there.

Also fortunately, I was able to file a claim on our trip insurance which would cover any additional expenses that our health insurance plan will not cover, as well as additional costs to change our flight, daily expenditures, even phone calls. I was extremely relieved, and everyone – from the airline and rental car to the insurance agent, was very sympathetic.

Our insurance is through STA Travel, which is valid for travelers under 35 years and only cost us $48 a person for 8-day coverage. The coverage also extends a week after the last day of our trip, so any hotels, meals, and necessary costs will be covered up to that date without our needing to purchase additional coverage. Plenty of insurance companies offer trip insurance, and it’s important to review what you’ll need; for example, in a disaster area, medical evacuation is a good item to include. If you’re going on a trip, even domestically, that involves dangerous activity (I will now rate skiing on there – even though we’re fairly careful skiiers, those surrounding us are not. Jon was not the only spleen surgery this weekend from skiing). Also, any anticipation of cancellation or change of plans, or if you are bringing very expensive items in your luggage, trip insurance is a good idea to consider.


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  1. It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunnshie.

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