Now Boarding: “Fly Girls” on the CW

O.M.G! The CW has debuted its own reality show where they follow around five very sexy, pretty young female flight attendants through all their drama and daily woes. Viewers of “Fly Girls” fly around with the Virgin America flight attendants donning straight-jacket-tight white button-up shirt uniforms and tight skirts as they spend their layovers going to parties in South Beach and New York. CW did attempt to diversify with one black attendant, one Asian attendant, two blond ones and a brunette, but somehow they all seem to look alike anyway. And they also apparently all live together, which should just be enough drama in itself. The first episode, which premieres tonight: ” Louise and Mandy are invited to a party by an IFB (“in-flight boyfriend”) they meet while working a flight, while Tasha and Farrah prepare their crash pad for their controversial new roommate, Nikole. The girls then fly to Ft. Lauderdale for an inauguration party filled with scandal.”

Wow. What a life as a  flight attendant! Whatever was I doing working in a newsroom in my partying years? (Perhaps there will soon be a reality show about five hot journalist girls trying to make deadlines and having drama with their computers and catfighting over bylines). I suspect, however, that the majority of flight attendants do not live this sort of lifestyle. I suspect most of them just pass out on the hotel bed upon arrival. I have a friend who is a part-time flight attendant on the smaller routes – between LA and Cleveland – but her way of going crazy is by taking advantage of employee discounts on airfare to exotic countries where she might ride some elephants and go white water rafting. I’m sure some of the younger ones have their wild n’ crazy nightlifes in every port, but if Virgin America and the CW are smart, they will not show their employees working flights the next day with hangovers from these extravagant evenings. Just a thought.

I will, however, give CW credit for showing actual working individuals instead of Real Housewives who are just catty socialites living off their husbands’ income (although some of them actually do have jobs, but it’s not really emphasized).

If you’re looking for other in-flight entertainment, I highly recommend the hilarious “View From the Top” in which Donna Jensen (played by Gwenyth Paltrow) is looking to leave her small-town life to become a world traveling flight attendant.  Mike Myers is the flight attendant instructor. Most movies with Mike Myers are pretty entertaining, at least more so than what I expect out of the CW. But I shall not judge until I have watched.


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