Cool Tools: SteriPen water purifier

Nothing can ruin a great trip to an exotic country than consuming some exotic bacteria and setting off what’s more euphemistically referred to as “Montezuma’s Revenge”. You can soak your hands in Purell all your want and run all your silverware under rubbing alcohol, but even brushing your teeth with tap water or eating fruit cut with a wet knife washed in tap can bring on some digestive complications.

I always travel with a portable hot water boiler and a metal cup to kill all the germs for water to brush my teeth. But no more! Now there’s this cool new tool: the SteriPen “Traveler mini” version which uses UV light to purify drinking water in just 48 seconds. Resembling a miniature Light-Saber, the tool is like a thick pen, weighs 3.6 ounces and runs on two CR123 batteries. Better than my hot-water boiler, which requires a plug, this fits in your purse or backpack and you can whip it out at any restaurant and zap any bugs in your drinking water.


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