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If you’re sitting in your office, grimacing that you’re in the office, even though you might have spent the past week grimacing at home because you were  hunkered down there during the blizzards (or maybe you were just grimacing in your office while the rest of us grimaced at home), here’s a great way to check out what’s going on in, say, Europe. is a Dutch site (in English), written by locals in Europe, about the local going-ons around their respective towns. Like “Not For Tourists” except it could be for tourists, and it’s in Europe, SpottedByLocals covers favorite Spots and categorizes them into your typical categories of restaurants, bars, arts & culture, music, shopping, theater, relaxing, etc. etc. While the content is very localized, whether it’s interesting to an out-of-towner on a time budget is questionable. However, it’s fun to peruse what’s going on in European cities and bookmark different Spots if you’re ever in that particular area. SpottedByLocals covers 23 cities, including London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Barcelona, Athens, Madrid, Copenhagan, Lisbon and Ljubljana.

(Okay, I know I said yesterday that I was going to write about ski deals, but in reality, it’s hard to just find something that might be a deal for me because of my departing airport but not a deal for you. Plus, I’m a little overwhelmed by snow right now. There’s just so much snow everywhere and on TV and in my backyard. If you want a good tutorial on skiing, you can visit my post “I’m going skiing, somewhere, this winter” here.)


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  1. Hi Rin-rin Yu,

    Thanks so much for writing about us! Come to Europe to check out the spots some time!

    Best, Bart

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