My Travel Hats is on Snow Day!

The federal government declared a snow day, and so will My Travel Hats as we attempt to dig out our car from the unplowed streets of Baltimore. Three feet of snow = flights cancelled, Amtrak cancelled, basically all travel of any kind involving the mid-Atlantic region from Philadelphia to Richmond was nonexistent. If you’re in the area, you’ve now figured out that states below the Mason-Dixon line have no idea how to handle snow and don’t have enough snowplows, salt or sand or money allocated to handling more than, like, 3 inches of snow for the whole season. Which is why everyone runs shrieking to the supermarkets, emptying the shelves of food (for real: this happened at Whole Foods on Thursday) and schools close even if there isn’t any snow yet but just the prospect of snow. They know: MD/DC/VA are completely unprepared to deal with this. If you’re headed in this direction, you’ll be okay on the highways (be wary of drivers – there are still lots of accidents and ice on the roads) but be forewarned that the side streets are NOT plowed and you may have to park and hike through knee-deep snow to get to your destination.

If you’re lucky and have 4-wheel drive and live in the area, you can get to some of the little mountains for some of the best skiing the region’s seen in years.

Photo: Jon as he attempts to climb out of our house through the back door in the kitchen.

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