Now Boarding: Monday Hat News

Yes, someone’s got a severe case of the Mondays, after being couped up indoors through the weekend’s snowfall and freezing temperatures. Some news in the travel world:

Machu Picchu landslide strands 2,000 tourists: Heavy rains caused landslides in the ancient city of Machu Picchu, destroying houses and crops and damaging the railway tracks between Cuzco, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu, “the only means of access to the ancient Inca citadel” according to news reports. Choppers were flown in to bring stranded tourists out as water and food supplies ran short in the village near the ruins.

Southwest gets wi-fi on board: Finally, the orange-and-brown bus in the sky will arm its entire fleet of 540 jets with Wifi service on board. It is partnering with California-based Row 44 to deliver the service. Pricing is – forgive the pun – still in the air.

Phillipine Airlines plans to strike: A union that represents Phillipine Airlines’ ground staff has filed notice to the government its plans to strike unless its dispute, which began in August, could be resolved. The airline had suffered at $304 million loss and said it would cut staff.

Chinese New Year travel creates annual travel crunch: The Chinese New Year is always an annual mob crush on the railways, airlines and roads around Asia, as families rush home to spend time with loved ones over the biggest holiday of the year. China’s public transport expects 2.54 billion to make the journey and have added buses and planes to regular routes. Experts warn foreign tourists currently traveling in China to make plans accordingly and ahead of time.

British Columbia offers H1N1 shot as souvenir: British Columbia is giving away H1N1 shots to visitors, athletes and officials of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Canadian province has enough leftover vaccine to provide visitors with the shot. The Olympic Games are set to begin on February 12.


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