Now Boarding: Thursday Hat deals!

My favorite time of the week… trip deals! Since all I’ve been doing is dreaming about vacation, this week’s focus is on VACATION PACKAGES (with some exceptions).

COSTA RICA package starting $779: This is a spectacular deal, if you’re into tours and packages. Jon and I spent more than that per person when we took off for Costa Rica last year with my severence check and rented an SUV to take us around. This package covers flight and eight nights in San Jose, Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano, and Manuel Antonio National Park. It also covers breakfast and two lunches and two dinners, and tours of each park. It does not include, however, zip-lining through Monteverde or Santa Elena, or visits to the hot springs, or any kind of white-water rafting, all of which are one of those obligatory Costa Rican items (though you could add those to your trip afterwards, probably). This reservation can only be made by phone and must be done by February 2.

Australia from California for $399 one-way:  Qantas Airlines (a great Scrabble word if you are allowed to use proper names) is offering Americans a one-week trip starting at $798 round-trip from California airports. Its Web site even says: “We know time off is valuable for the Americans so a One Week Walkabout in Australia is the perfect answer to that break you’ve been longing for.” Oh, how well those Aussies know us overworked, vacation-starved Americans. Another fun fact: Qantas stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services. Book by Feb. 1.

Greece Air & 8 nights for $1,299:  Athens, Mykonos and Santorini for 8 nights and airfare, $1,299 out of New York (slightly higher from other US cities)! What an amazing price for an amazing country, particularly as winter continues to slog along and teasing us with one day of 60-degree weather before plunging back down into freezing rain threats. Nothing like some baking in the hot sun, swimming in the azure ocean, hiking through ancient ruins and eating foods made of fried phyllo dough to boost your spirits back up. You can also save $100 with the code on the Web site.

Skiing packages from $778 via Houston or Newark: Continental Airlines is offering some spectacular fly/ski/ stay packages. For $778, you can jet to Steamboat Springs (from Houston) and get four nights, three days of skiing. Includes lift tickets (around $240 value alone!). You can also head to champagne powder country of Banff, in Alberta (yes, that’s a province of Canada) for six nights/ five days of skiing for $1, 275 a person. You can try to sneak in extra people into your hotel room and having them only pay the airfare/ lift tickets, but I’m not sure what kind of discount it will be. You can do the math yourself. Check the link above for expiration dates.

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