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Airlines and search engines enjoying sending lots of lists. They are good lists, of course: lists of the lowest airfares and hotels, lists of great vacation packages, that sort of stuff that budget and time-conscious travelers like myself enjoy receiving. But after a while, it is sort of pain to sift through all those lists – and then those airlines and search engines have you on their own lists, and then you start receiving all sorts of other email, “SPAM” if you will; the next you know, you’re receiving e-newsletters for hunting and fishing magazines. is now my new favorite travel list e-newsletter to get, and so far it hasn’t sent any extra SPAM beyond the daily e-mail list of low fares from the three Washington, D.C. area airports. Every day, (or if you choose, every week) you’ll receive a list of low-fare flights departing from the airport you’ve selected. Alternatively, you can also receive lists of fare deals to a specified city, and even cooler, you can get them for city-to-city. So if you’re hunting for a good fare to, say, the Caribbean, and are flexible with your dates, you can check off “Washington to St. Martin” and keep an eye out for a fantastic fare. Not only that, the people at Airfarewatchdog look for fares not necessarily publicized anywhere else.

How it works: Go to and click on “Fare Alerts” on the left column. Then fill out your information. (NOTE: if you live in an area with multiple airports, only choose one! All the airfares from the local airports will be sent in the same newsletter. I first signed up for lists from BWI, DCA (National) and IAD (Dulles)… only to receive three of the same lists a day. I narrowed it down to just BWI, but it still includes DCA and IAD, as well as neighboring Philadelphia, Hagerstown, Md. and some airport in Delaware as well.) You’ll get to select whether you’d like to receive these notices daily, every 2-3 days, or weekly. Start watching your inbox for fares. Book and fly away!


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