Cool Tools: WhatsOnWhen

Some of the best reasons to travel somewhere is because of the happenings around town. For example – Jon and I planned our trip to the beautiful island UNESCO world heritage site of Visby, Sweden  to coincide with the ridiculously fantastic Medieval Week. We also headed out to Eastern Europe just as the heartwarming Christmas markets, with its lights, decor, mulled wine, fire pits and endless booths of fun crafts and items descended upon square after square.

Enter, a site by Frommers dedicated to events around the world. Already in San Sebastien? You might be able to catch the Tamborrada Drum Parade happening today. Going to Bhutan  in March? There’s the Paro Tsechu, “the most spectacular and deeply symbolic of the Buddhist festivals celebrated in Bhutan. Devotees dressed in traditional finery flock to the Paro Dzong monastic fortress to bear witness to their Buddhist faith and receive blessings.” Looking to do a marathon somewhere interesting? Try the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, which takes you through a tour of the impressive city sites. Or perhaps you’re more of a ballet person, in which case the Royal Ballet in London is performing Romeo and Juliet.

Search the site through a number of categories (kids, sports, classical music, arts, gay & lesbian, science & knowledge, festivals, music & nightlife, and weird & wonderful), by location, or by date, or a combination of all. Each listing provides time, location, maps, cost and other information you’ll need. Once you’re there, you’ll probably catch wind of the event from locals and other tourists.


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