In the Suitcase: Debunking the “Tuesday” ticket-release theory

It’s one of those old wives’ tales of the airline industry: on Tuesday nights, airlines release their lower fares and tickets! Book on Wednesday mornings!

I never really bought into it, partly because I just didn’t see how it was possible. But last night, we learned this theory was utterly not true. (I only use the word “utterly” when I need to emphasize just how not true something is).

How we learned this: because I decided not to harp on Jon (he calls it “nag”) about booking tickets to a wedding in January to Los Angeles, he didn’t book them, and now the fares jumped from $250 to $450. And since this was a Tuesday night when all this went down, he decided we should wait until Wednesday morning (now) to check if airlines would “release” some mystery tickets to the public to pounce upon this morning.

But being the skeptics that we were, we did a little research to find out if this theory held any water, and the long version made shorter – it doesn’t. Tickets are released every day, and they are not necessarily the lowest or the best. (and I just checked and I am correct).

What does hold true, however, is that if you travel on a Tuesday, chances are your flight will cost less and the flight will be less full. In addition, many airlines send out their last-minute fares for weekend travel on Tuesday, so it only works if you’re planning to jet off that very weekend.

How else to find better airline deals? Keep watching. Booking too early can be expensive, but so is booking too late. You can also subscribe to, which will alert you when your fare drops. Note, however, that Yapta does not include every airline yet. Alternatively, you can book a ticket, and if the fare drops, you can request a refund for the difference. Yapta provides instructions on how to get a refund, or for $15, will do it for you.


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