Now Boarding: Deals to Paradise

My California friends like to give me grief about moving back East, particularly now that it’s cold, gray and threatening to rain ice so much that Virginia schools closed today for… an otherwise sunny day. ? Nice excuse by the superintendent who probably got some super saver flight to the Caribbean departing today.

However, I think I could use a sunny vacation right about now. Between buying a house, painting, moving, and all the other adventures I’ve been unfortunate to experience, getting away with nothing but a swimsuit and a good book sounds just about right. To top it off, Jon is ditching me to go to some bachelor party in Tahoe this weekend, which just received several inches of fresh powder. If I act quickly, I could be on a beach by the weekend. Here are some deals I found.

TODAY ONLY: a “Fare Crusher” sale of $18 and up to the Caribbean on Spirit Airlines. Of course, the catch is that if you live in Ft. Lauderdale, you get a wealth of paradise options at hand. However, if you live elsewhere, you can fly to Ft. Lauderdale for $9 (yes, NINE dollars) and then catch another flight to somewhere like the Bahamas or Jamaica. It may take a little detective work and coordinating the scheduling, but who wouldn’t want a $36 vacation??

ENDS TOMORROW: Airtran has some lovely low flights going to the Caribbean from around the U.S. For example: Chicago Midway to Aruba for $169 one-way. New York to Montego Bay, Jamaica for $129 one-way. San Francisco to Cancun for $124 one-way (although I never liked Cancun – the key is to leave Cancun as soon as possible and get to one of its neighboring secluded islands, like Isla Mujeras, away from the obnoxious partying 50-year-old Americans with their footlong beers.)

Latin America: For $278 roundtrip from Washington, D.C., I can jet off to Punta Cana on Lan Airlines before December 30. Never heard of the airline, but it gets me to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and then somehow I make my way to the beachy shores.  

Need more ideas? Keep checking back! It’s a bad economy out there, which makes it great vacation time. Happy sunshine!


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