Cool Tools: on Twitter

Okay, I’m not a Twitter fan. I don’t think that what I (or any other individual) does is so interesting that I need an updated broadcast throughout the day. Lots of CEOs try to ramp up interest in their companies by “Tweeting” about their going-ons. It’s only interesting if perhaps they tell you: “Just sold division of company to another company! Stocks are soaring! Buy now!” But they tell you things like: “Heading to meeting in Denver.” “Ate salmon for lunch.” “Excited for our new company rollout of something or another.” Blah. I don’t really care.

But now (which is Travelzoo’s sister company) has released a Twittering of real-time fare alerts from your home city. It still seems to think I live in Los Angeles, so I can sign up for Twitter alerts to buzz into my phone about great deals that moment they are released – and then, if I was more technologically connected with a fancy IPhone, I could buy that fare on the spot from wherever I might be, without risking the chance of it being sold out.

How it works:

First, if you’re a subscriber to Travelzoo, you’ll already receive its weekly lists of fare deals. If not, go to and sign up.

 Now, I’m not entirely sure which cities it is announcing on Twitter, but you can try it out yourself to see if it works. If you go to, you’ll get the list of fares from Los Angeles. I tested, and it popped up fares from DC. Chicago is apparently CHIfares, Boston is BOSfares, etc. So far it looks like LA and DC have “tweets” going out, but they’re still working on Chicago and other cities.

Then, you sign up for Twitter (if you don’t already have an account) and then start subscribing to the announcements. If you did it all correctly, messages will pop up in your Twitter account and on your cell phone. Voila! You’re tuned in like a high-tech traveler.


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