Now Boarding: $10 Airline holiday surcharges

Well, looky at what the airlines of the United States are doing NOW. For flights around 13 different holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, they’re charging passengers a “surcharge” of $10 on top of the regular fare.

Sure, it’s just $10, but on top of the $15 baggage check-in fee, the buy-our-crappy-in-flight-sandwiches offerings and paying for headsets, and the fact that flights are already priced much higher during holidays, it makes people just want to drive instead and jam up our interstates.

American Airlines is guilty of starting the trend, followed by US Airways, Delta, Continental, United and Northwest. The surcharges are tacked onto the base fares during the following dates: Nov. 29-30, Dec. 19, Dec. 26-27, Jan. 2-3, March 14, March 20-21, March 28, April 11 and May 28. Supposedly you won’t even notice it during purchase, but now at least you’ll know why it is the price to fly is creeping up so surreptitiously. Discount airliners Southwest and Jet Blue are refusing to follow suit. Cheap airlines = friendly skies. I’ll be enjoying my blue Terra chips soon.


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