In the Suitcase: Reading the State Department warnings

If you’re ever feeling like your life in the United States is fairly dull and uneventful, and you wish yourself a more exotic version somewhere else in the world (and Baltimore isn’t even exciting and dangerous enough), here’s a suggestion.

Visit the U.S. State Department Consular Information Program page, which is filled with interesting summaries and tidbits about different countries around the world. Every so often, you’ll run into a TRAVEL ALERT about some recent occurrence for travelers to be aware – ranging from protests and clashes with police to warfare or Swine Flu outbreaks.

Now, I probably should not post this because my mother-in-law, an avid fan and reader of My Travel Hats, was already worried that we were affected by the nightclub fire in Bangkok last New Year’s even though we were 500+ miles north in Chang Mai. But a scan of several southern African country warnings brings the following:

  • Al Qaeda attacks in Kenya
  • Election violence and protests north of Zanzibar
  • Election protests and violence in parts of Mozambique
  • ATMs rigged with explosives in South Africa.
The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Boy, that sure pales in comparison with our daily life and even our supposedly exciting election of our first black president. All we got are “Tea Riots” which are hardly riotous at all. As for the ATMs, perhaps that is a good solution to fixing our economy – getting overspenders to keep their money in the bank.

That aside: don’t worry, we’ll be safe and smart in all our travels. Naturally, if there’s some political uprising, kind of like right before our Thailand honeymoon, we won’t be walking straight into it. On that note, mostly for my mother-in-law, I leave you with some peaceful pictures of our foreign world (Tanzania, specifically, since that’s my newest obsession).

 left: courtesy of USAID. Who doesn’t love cute smiling toothy kids? I’m sure we’ll meet and play with lots of them.


 courtesy of CNN. Look, they weren’t rioting over our elections. They’re Democrats!  

 courtesy of International Safaris Corp. See, even the lions are tame and respectful of outsiders. They probably see so many tourists that they come running up to them looking for food, like the squirrels of Central Park.


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