Wanderings: My Travel Hats trains for a half-marathon in Outer Banks

668327045108_0_ALBI decided it was time to start posting some more random thoughts about travel in general, since that’s what most blogs are anyway – uninvited streams of consciousness by the writer for all those who care. Now since I love autumn, I have multiple plans in my head to enjoy it, but I’m fast running out of weekends. Already our autumn is filling up with trips to Chicago (this weekend), Los Angeles (October), and Outer Banks of North Carolina (November), in which I have agreed to run a half marathon. That’s 13 miles! I have never run more than a 10K (6.2 miles) in one sitting – or, rather, instance. Once upon a time I played with the idea of a marathon (26 miles) for whatever ridiculous reason and have now decided I really don’t need to prove anything to myself. Plus I don’t even like to drive 26 miles anywhere, let alone run it. (this photo, by the way, is of my back after my first 10K in Venice, Calif. I’m in the navy blue shirt and pink shorts. I always do this sprinting-to-the-finish business which annoys my friend Karen – in the royal blue shirt and braids, who is usually 5 steps ahead of me in every race but then gets placed behind me because I go flying by in the last 10 seconds.)

In any case, I’ve decided to train properly for this half-marathon, which means I’m following Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Program for novices (12 week program). I already missed the first two weeks so I had to plow right into week 3. I use soccer as my “cross-training” and finally got Jon to replace his stolen bike so I could have mine back. I’m aching and starving all the time. I also just invested in a Runner ID to wrap around my wrist with emergency contacts, blood type and fact that I’m allergic to penicillin. (Also good for bike travel). Also getting very bored of my playlists on the Ipod.

We are also staying at my friend’s family’s beautiful house on the Outer Banks. It’s available for rent by the week during the high season, and it has ocean views, a pool, hot tub, several bedrooms and one of the best living rooms in the country. It will be November when I’m there, so not much beach activity to be had. But it will also be our one-year wedding anniversary, so nothing like running 13 miles and then having your husband massage out all the leg pain. Yay!


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