…and we’re back!


(Above: Riding a traditional Swedish Dalarna horse – probably would have gotten me home faster than American Airlines. Normally the ones for sale in trinkety souvenir shops are the size of your hand or smaller. We found this one and its adult-size version at Skansen, in Stockholm. I kept imagining it in Night at the Museum, part III.)

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. We were not in the most condusive of Internet environments in Sweden and then we got stuck in NY overnight because our last leg to DC was cancelled because of weather. So we went up to my dad’s house for Chinese food, laundry and a lot of sleep and caught a flight out of Westchester this morning. After a runaround with US Airways who said American Airlines never rolled our ticket over to them. We finally got escorted through to the front of the security line (which, at Westchester Airport, is so tame and should be a model for all TSA around the country). There we were, plane speeding down the runway about to take off, when suddenly the pilot made a screeching halt and rolled us back to the gate because of some warning light that went off. Now I would much rather have this warning light checked, but we were delayed another two hours. I could be more irritated, but we did get upgraded to first class on Finnish Airlines from Helsinki to JFK, in the front row, so our leg room was great for Yao Ming or someone of equal height. It was the kind of seat that reclined into a bed and came with large pillows and comforters, plus several movies of your choice and all that.

Anyway, I will be spending the next week with Swedish and British updates, along with a small selection of our 700+ photos, so sit back and check in again!


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