On My Itinerary: Got Land?

I have to say it just once (although Jon has complained that I have said it at least 10 times already): walking through Sweden is a lot like walking through Ikea. And, it is unstereotypically hot here. As soon as we landed in Stockholm, we were overdressed and sweating as we killed a few hours before our puddle jumper flight to the island of Gotland.

We spent the past day biking through the cobblestone streets of medieval Visby during this very interesting Medieval Week, which is like the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo, N.Y., except it is Medieval, and it is a celebration of these Swedes’ history, unlike the American version which is just plain weird. Not to say that this hasn’t had its share of weirdness. We have been enjoying the intricate linen dresses and witnessed some serious sword fighting this morning.

Unfortunately, I am having issues downloading photos because everything on this computer is in Swedish.

Off to catch our ferry back to Stockholm and then the morning train to Gothenburg for the pre-wedding lunch. Until then!


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