On My Itinerary: London Town!

Update from London with working Internet opportunity because my friend Dave’s place in Notting Hill has a spotty connection. We’ve now spent three days walking straight across London – day one in the rain, day two and three in the sun, because the Tube costs 4 pounds to ride. If you do the math, that is about $7 a ride. $7!! Fortunately, my dear friend Dave left us some Oyster Cards which are train passes that give you significant discounts of around 1.60 pounds a ride instead, so we’ve opted to hop the Tube when our tootsies finally started to give way. It is also a better way to see a city except now I’d like to trade my feet and calves in for a new pair. On Saturday we bid the Queen hello at Buckingham Palace, checked out Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, then met up with my new friend Maurice and his girlfriend Sarah Jane, who happens to play polo. I asked, water or horse? Of course, it is horse. I cannot fathom staying on a horse, much less play hockey from it, but she loves it. On Sunday we took advantage of the sunshine to cross Kensington Park to the British Museum, ate fish and chips for lunch, and made our way to the Tower of London just as it had closed. Then we had dinner in Chinatown and went home where we were completely wired until 1:00am.

Today was Tower of London day, where we viewed Henry VIII’s armour collection (armour with a “u”), the crowned jewels in which the Brits festooned their eyes upon but the Americans just sighed and moved on; then to the very odd art at the Tate Modern. Now, I like modern art simply because it is always something that leaves you weirded out and thinking; but I am secretly glad it was free. I mean – art was once a substitute for photographs, and when the camera was invented, artists stopped showing – well, talent – and began throwing bodily fluids on canvas and called it art. I didn’t find the mirror affixed to a canvas (looking at the self in a new light) comparable to Michaelangelo, but I’m not an art expert, so who am I to criticize?

Then we hit the madness of Harrods which was a museum in itself, particularly the 5,000 pound chess set, the Pet Kingdom on the 4th floor where you could buy Burberry dog bed for your pooch; the riding gear on the “Sport” floor and the immense, amazing Food Hall. For dinner we unwound with some English pub food with Dave in Notting Hill and had Strawberry Elos Mess for dessert. It was delicious.

Off to Sweden tomorrow! Unfornately, this Mac is giving me a headache so trying to post photos is not possible right now.


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