On My Itinerary: London and Sweden, here we come!



In exactly 24 hours we’ll be on a flight heading from DC to Boston… then a 12-hour layover (yes, American Airlines screwed us and changed our flights so none to London take off until evening) eating lobster rolls and looking at the birth of our nation… then following the Redcoats path across the pond to London where the invading British first came from. We’re staying at my friend Dave’s flat (because they are “flats” and not “apartments” there) in Notting Hill. Apparently that travel bookshop that Hugh Grant owns in the movie “Notting Hill”  (see photo) is not a front and is really a travel bookstore, which first peaked my interest while I was watching the movie, and it’s located right around the corner from Dave, so I’ll be heading there too (and not because Hugh Grant was there). Dave is an old Boston friend, actually from Habitat for Humanity we did together in Paraguay, but then I moved two blocks from him in Boston.

Then after running through London for a few days, we’ll be on a flight to Stockholm, then another to Visby on the island of Gotland to participate in Medieval Week), then a ferry back to Stockholm to catch the morning fast train to Gothenburg for Josie’s and Steve’s wedding. Following that, we’ll be driving (really I will be driving, since Jon doesn’t know stick shift) through the lakes and along the Gota Canal back to Stockholm in our rental car, and then spending our final days in Stockholm where I’ll also get to visit with my old Boston roommate, Jenny. There is a certain Boston theme running throughout this trip.

Of course, stay posted as I update with our adventures, photos, and whether Jon’s suit and shoes for the wedding will really fit into his carry-on suitcase along with 12 days of clothes (he seems to believe it will). Yeeha! It’s already an adventure.


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