Getting Lost In: Southern Florida

I have to admit: after living in southern California, I could never quite extend the same warm fuzzy feeling to Florida. Particularly when it rains practically your entire trip. There I was flying into the coastline with the waves beating into the sand, gray clouds leering over the skies threatening to pour torrential rain on my friend’s wedding day (with a swimsuit and sunscreen in my carry-on). In our rental car we drove up the I-95 towards Jupiter Beach, about 35 miles north of West Palm Beach, marveling at how well the windshield wipers worked compared to on my own car. 

Anyway,  there is really very little to do except go to the beach. Well, on a rainy day, you’re stuck going to the mall or staying in the Best Western on US Highway 1 watching TV. Amy and I finally dragged ourselves out of the oddly comfortable down comforters of the BW and drove over to the Food Shack for lunch. Normally, a place called the Food Shack in Jupiter, Fla. might steer us back to Chili’s where we had lunch the day before. But since it was suggested by the wedding guide provided by the groom and bride, and then at the rave reviews of one bridesmaid, a British girl who proclaimed it “the best meal I’ve ever had in America”, we decided to take a chance.

Well, with that, it really was an incredible meal. Definitely the best I’ve ever had in Florida. It was a fish place, a specialist, with at least six varieties (three that were Florida-only), and a variety of preparations. It could be crusted in macademia nuts, or sweet potato crunchies, garlic, or tandoori. I went for the sweet potato crunchies on tile fish on top of a bed of greens with papaya, and sweet coconut rice on the side. We split the macademia-nut encrusted white chocolate creme brulee cheesecake. Amy was so transfixed by the restaurant that she would probably fly back specifically to dine there just one more time.


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One response to “Getting Lost In: Southern Florida

  1. Amy

    Mmmmmm…. I am still dreaming about the Food Shack 😉

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