Cool Tools: SeatGuru

Nobody ever thought that a plane seat was so comfortable that they wanted to bring one home for the living room. However, there are many instances where you got on a plane and set up your laptop on one of those tray-tables that come out of the armrest and were sitting practically nose-to-nose with your screen. Or, you chose an exit row for the extra leg room, only to discover your seat won’t recline. Or that you booked a window seat so you could watch the city lights of New York on descent but you ended up next to a wall, in between two windows.

Sure, call it high-maintenanced, but some of us don’t have the luxury or want to spend the luxury on first class, unless the company’s paying. Besides, isn’t a little discomfort supposed to springboard people into proactivity, anyway? Not that that’s the reason for sitting in steerage, as my sister’s boss calls it. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable, particularly on a long transatlantic flight.

How’s this for a super cool travel tool. maps out every single airplane in probably every single airline’s fleet with reviews of – get this – EVERY SINGLE SEAT. Mouse over seat 14B, for example, and it might read: “This seat has seven inches of extra legroom. Many passengers complain that the seat cushions in this row are less padded than standard. It can get very cold by the exits during flight.”

How it works: When you book your flight, check the type of aircraft assigned to the flight, then go to Check your airline and then the aircraft type. Then follow the legend (white means standard seat, yellow means “some drawbacks,” red means “poor”  and green means “good seat!”) to select your seat. Mouse over each one for a review and also whether it comes with amenities like video and power to plug in your laptop.

I’m sorry, but that is REALLY cool.

(Thanks to Grace for the suggestion!)


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