Now Boarding: This Little Piggy Went to… Mexico, for cheap!

Okay, I am not really trying to send my readers off to the crocodile pit, but with the news jumping from Obama’s First 100 to the Swine Flu on 24-hour cable news, combined with existing drug violence and already low travel season, I couldn’t help but think: wow, it must be really cheap to vacation in Mexico right now!  And really, now that the Flu (I have to write it with a capital F) has spread its way around the world, Mexico isn’t any better to travel to than, say, Canada. And at least Mexico has glistening beaches and warm weather. Just don’t drink the water – or eat the pork fajitas.

American Airlines has slashed flights from $500 to $260 from Dallas to Mexico City, Delta reduced flights by $100 to $300 from Atlanta to Cancun. JetBlue is offering a 4-night vacation in Cancun for $305. And there’s nothing like experiencing otherwise Cancun without the spring breakers, the fat tourists with their yard-long beers, the throbbing nightclubs, and the bachelor/ bachelorette parties going on all night long… it might actually be a slice of real paradise. Not that I would know – I bypassed Cancun directly to Isla Mujeres instead, a quiet island an hour off from Cancun where we biked around and drank margaritas on the beach and ate seafood galore with my family. Of course, I came home sick as a dog afterwards. We had also gone hiking up the pyramids at Chichen Itza, where ancient Mayans used to play some kind of soccer-like game – to the death, apparently. Our hotel served the most unbelievable bread basket selection at breakfast, including a sweet bread (and I don’t mean the French version of gizzards) but I will have to ask my sister, who is in Italy, where this great hotel was.

Of course, it may be really difficult to even get to Mexico now. Airlines from some countries have halted flights to Mexico, such as Air Canada. And once you get to somewhere like Mexico City, an otherwise bustling metropolis of good eats, you won’t even get to experience fine Mexican cuisine because, well, all of its restaurants have been shut down. And if you wanted to go see the pyramids at Chichen Itza or anywhere else, the Mexican government has shut those down, too, to keep people from gathering “en masse” and spread the Flu. Then, when you return to the U.S., you get to wait on a very long line to have your temperature taken, your body poked and swabbed, and questions if you’re experiencing fatigue, sluggishness, sore throat, headaches, achiness, fever, and convince them that you aren’t. Which hopefully you won’t be. Now that’s not to say you can’t get the Flu because Joe Schmoe sneezed at the table next to you in some restaurant here in Washington, either; in which case you would curse yourself wishing you had just gone off to a beach resort in Mexico in the first place.


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  1. Rob Marais

    Heck yeah, I’m going to Isla Mujeres via CUN tomorrow. I’d bought the ticket for a very low price back in Feb before the scare. And on the Isla, only schools and gov’t offices are closed down through May 5. Open-air restaurants and bars (and, of course, the beaches) are all open. Even the Super Express is considered an “essential service” and is open. And the beaches are, as ever. the same.
    Don’t let the media scare hype keep you from Mexico, outside of DF and environs. I’m not afraid of visiting Mexico at all.

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