Everyone likes Pictures… of Costa Rica

Truth be told, I’ve been dragging my feet to get these pictures of Costa Rica posted because my computer has been painfully, painfully slow, but here they are. Enjoy!



Above: La Fortuna, with Arenal Volcano behind it.



Arenal: it’s live!! The little white puffs rolling down the side of the volcano are actual rocks that exploded out of the volcano.



Baldi Hot Springs: aaaah. For $25 a person, you can hop from pool to pool at this hotel and resort (there are 30 pools in total, mostly hot water). There are three swim-up bars, several waterfalls, three waterslides, these sun chairs, a spa and garden paths. Fortunately, the resort is outside the risk area of the volcano, so any burp in the earth below would not severely burn anyone relaxing in the pools. Even though the water was au natural (sans chlorine and all that, so don’t drink it), the rest of the resort was a little, well, contrived. Still easy to while away a whole afternoon submerged in warm water.



Lake Arenal. We drove around it to get from La Fortuna to Monteverde/ Santa Elena.



My attempt at being Ansel Adams.



Santa Elena: Climbing up to the first zipline. I was absolutely petrified.



Jon zips his way through the jungle.






En route from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio: Crocs await below the bridge for some stupid tourist to throw food.



One tree living off another tree. It’s a very socialist society in the jungle.



Beautiful, beautiful Manuel Antonio.



Local residents of Manuel Antonio.



Sunset over Quepos.


Uvita waterfall. Of course, Jon watched some college kids try this and then had to do it himself. He did not kill himself, thankfully.


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One response to “Everyone likes Pictures… of Costa Rica

  1. Wow, I am jealous. I’d love to go to Costa Rica too

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