On my Itinerary: Hasta la Vista, Costa Rica!

Spotty Internet connections for the past few days as we drove from Monteverde to the true paradise of Manuel Antonio´s beaches and jungle hikes with the pristine, crystal clear blue 80 degree bath water. We entertained ourselves with squirrel monkeys, iguanas and the random lizard who crossed our path. Afterwards we headed down to Uvita on rocky roads (this is purposefully done to keep out tourists, and in Monteverde we saw trucks raking out giant piles of rocks over the road to deliberately minimize the number of tourists) and played frisbee in the warm waves there, then hiked over to the secret waterfall- swimming hole where Jon decided to jump off cliffs and slide down the waterfall.

We´re now back in San Jose and splurged on a Holiday Inn with a real shower and AC, considering our room at the Tucan Hotel & Hostel last night had mediocre air conditioning at best and I sweated the entire night out. (The place does have a very cool outdoorsy atmosphere hung with fun lamps, hammocks everywhere and classical music on the stereo). Jon got up at 2AM to take a cold shower before getting back in bed. We even slept on separate bunks – yes, our room came with a double bed on bottom and twin on top – and I opted for the top bunk because it was just way too hot. However, the Holiday Inn does not allow me to up load any photos, so those will have to wait. Until then!


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