On My Itinerary- Zipping around Monteverde

kuvatSomehow, Jon has convinced me to strap into a rock climbing harness and clip me onto some steel cables stretching way across the treetops of Santa Elena rainforest so I could go flying and shrieking along the way, while mentally praying that the harness would not slip apart, or the cables snap, or the trees to which they are tied do not decide to die and fall down while I am ziplining. This coming from someone who used to rock climb regularly and eat a morning bagel on the windowsill of the 41st floor of Rockefeller Center (with the window open). In my aging 30’s I have developed a bizarre fear of heights and heightened sense of mortality, and I have never really been a fan of rides that left my stomach high above while the rest of me went crashing down (rollercoaster, bungee jumping, metro trains).

Anyway, that is what I woke up to do this morning – and with the Costa Rican guides at Selvatura barking orders at me to keep my right hand behind on the cable, left hand holding the ropes under the caribiners that they didn’t bother to lock, my knees bent, I went soaring over the jungle canopy like a bird. And after a few cables, I finally began to relax and trust the harness and the trees and the cables, and finally began to really have fun. I even partook in the “Tarzan Swing” which I shouldn’t have, because that was basically free fall on a rope and that one I did scream my head off.

Afterwards we took a nature hike through Santa Elena, which was pretty muddy, and stopped to watch a blue-beaked bird, a waterfall, and examine giant trees hosting a wealth of other plants and fungi. Yesterday we spent the morning driving around Lake Arenal which was incredibly blue, and the surroundings incredibly green, and stopped for apple streudal at some German bakery filled with German tourists. A slight bizarre encounter in the middle of Central America. In the evening we embarked on a night hike and our guide made us turn off our headlamps and hike in the dark to admire stars and fireflies; we also saw a viper snake curled up in a tree high up, some local creatures I’ve never encountered before, even a tarantula hiding in its hole. Now we’re headed out to Monteverde for some more jungle excitement Some more pictures later since this computer is incredibly slow and Jon is complaining that he is hungry.


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