On My Itinerary: Fortunate in La Fortuna

juan-001Like many a spring breaker, sometimes you find yourself at the police station. That´s where we spent our first evening in Costa Rica. First we were enjoying a hearts of palm and avocado salad, I was admiring the khaki outdoorsy hat of the solo tourist at the next table. The next thing I knew, our waiter told us: ¨Your book is on the floor, sir,¨and Jon picked up our copy of Lonely Planet, went to put it back into our backpack and realized it was gone. And so was the khaki hatted tourist at the next table. Our waiter then shouted: ¨There are the police!¨outside the restaurant. Jon ran outside, and there was a man handcuffed in the backseat, our precious backpack in the front seat. He was not the khaki hatted man, but apparently a friend of his. A crowd had formed around the cop car and the local business owners were angry because he was setting a very bad reputation for Costa Rica, it was explained to me.  So we all rode to the police station to file a report. It took over an hour, and by then my stomach was grumbling, but it was extremely satisfying to know the police were on our side.

juan-0041In the morning, Jon´s birthday and a rainy sky, we packed up the same lucky bag and drove a few extremely potholed, bumpy kilometers to Arenal waterfall where we hiked down to the bottom for a perspective from the jungle floor. Then we headed to Arenal volcano and hiked along the lava rocks formation from the eruption of 1992. We ate avocados while sitting on some craggly rock, listening and watching little explosions and rocks roll down the volcano. After a breezy volcano view lunch of rice and calamari, we spent the rest of the afternoon soaking in one of 16 hot springs pools at Baldi Resort. There were waterslides and swim-up bars serving costly drinks, sun benches and garden paths. It was like Disneyland meets the tropics.

Some more photos below.

juan-002 Horses in the road blocking our path.


The one of few active volcanos worldwide: Arenal Volcano


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