On My Itinerary: Spring Break!! (i.e. Costa Rica)

source: iivnetwork.com

source: iivnetwork.com

Like, OMG – Jon and I are heading to Spring Break. Whoo hoo! Break out the yard long beers and the beads! I have to admit, this is actually my very first spring break. I did not participate in beachy spring break back in college (I did partake in an Alternative Spring Break one year, volunteering my good soul to helping flood victims in San Francisco). However I don’t think we will actually be partaking in any dancing-on-the-bar activities and will probably be in bed by 10:00pm every night.

In any event, we have a mini-itinerary planned, except this will be the first trip in which – wait for it – we don’t have ANY RESERVATIONS MADE. Normally we set out into the world with every hotel confirmation page printed and velobound with the itinerary spreadsheet (yes, spreadsheet), plus our various modes of transportation and different possible trains/ planes/ buses/ ferries we can catch… however, we’ve thrown caution to the wind. We are MARRIED COUPLE GONE WILD. We don’t know if we will stay in La Fortuna for two or three days. We don’t know if we will go to some secret waterfall that Jon’s friend has forbid me to reveal in my blog, or if we’ll go to Montezuma. We do intend to hit Arenal, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio at a minimum, but the rest is up in the air. This is our version of Going Crazy over Spring Break.

Please stay tuned to My Travel Hats while we roam about the country freely in our 4×4! I will try to post pictures unless Jon starts grumbling about how much time it takes. And we welcome many suggestions through our week in Costa Rica.

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One response to “On My Itinerary: Spring Break!! (i.e. Costa Rica)

  1. Have fun! Costa Rica is a great country. There’s a lot to do, so don’t try to do everything in one week. Make a list of your must do’s and plan your days around that.


    Enrique (http://kctravelagency.wordpress.com)

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