Now Boarding: Frommers on Kindle

When choosing the right travel book(s) to take with me, I have to give the book’s weight and size much consideration if I’m going to hoist it around all day. After removing items like housekeys, extra credit cards, American currency, random shirt, large versus small sunscreen – suddenly your load feels tremendously lighter. At one point I’d even gone to the point of printing parts of my itinerary on double sides and trimming the white parts with scissors.

source: Amazon

source: Amazon

Back to the travel book. If you’re traversing across Europe and the Frommers Guide to Europe is too bulky, heavy and/ or condensed for your taste, and you don’t want to shlep several books around in your luggage, you don’t have to tear your books apart (as my friend Janice does – tears and tosses as she goes). Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reader can carry the new digital Frommers CitySet for only $40 plus the cost of the Kindle (the sleek Kindle 2 is $359), at a fraction of the size and weight that a paper Frommers guide would be. The cities on the CitySet include Frommers’ top selling books: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, New York City, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Tokyo and Washington D.C. In addition, you can download any number of novels, newspapers, and magazines that you might like to pack along with you on your trip. How’s that for some light reading.


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