On My Itinerary: Costa Rica!

I got fed up with sitting around at home today and booked us two tickets to Costa Rica for Jon’s spring break.

source: Tulane U.

source: Tulane U.

While I’m thoroughly enjoying the freedom of watching Law & Order back to back after midnight, there is only so much I can take in my little unemployed routine (errands, yoga, plan to study Russian but not get around to it, eat, look for jobs, apply for jobs, make to-do lists each day that I don’t really do) before I start to pull my hair out. It’s also difficult to research travel industry topics for my blog and not get to go  anywhere. If I was laid off in sunny L.A., or even in DC springtime, I would be a little less antsy, but alas, it is still winter here.

What comes with a lot of free time is a lot of opportunity to surf the web for great fares, so I came across a 10% discount on American Airlines (code: JRTJ3GT7SA3J) on flights between March and June that do not take place on Friday, Saturday or Sunday; it lent a better search result than kayak.com, my usual option. We’re departing out of DCA bright and early on a Monday morning and arriving into San Jose by lunch; renting a car and cruising around Costa Rica for eight days before hopping back on a noon flight on Tuesday, a week later. And because we opted for the discounted days, one of our flights was $98 per person, before taxes.

Our plan, which doesn’t really exist right now, is to hit all the main sites in our little rental car which I will probably have to drive the whole time, since Jon cannot drive a stick shift (but perhaps this is a good opportunity to learn). We have yet to buy our Lonely Planet guide, but we welcome any suggestions from our readers. Also, if the unemployment office inquires, I am dutifully looking for work, perhaps in Costa Rica.



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4 responses to “On My Itinerary: Costa Rica!

  1. omy!! have a blast – you deserve it!

  2. Mike

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  3. glucksrazor

    While in Costa Rica, make sure you hit:

    1. The Arenal Volcano. There is a hotel with a Disneyesque hot springs park and spa located nearby. If you splurge anywhere in Costa Rica, do it here. And if you decide to hike the volcano, either hire a guide or for heaven’s sake don’t hike much higher than the tree line. Arenal is active and I know someone personally who was killed by flying debris. Do not trifle with Mother Nature.

    2. Manuel Antonio National Park. Ask around or check Frommer’s for the listing of the hotel bar that is famous for attracting a whole pack of rhesus macacques around happy hour. The bar provides bananas, but the monkeys prefer mai tais.

    3. Monteverde’s Cloud Forest. Very cool. The “cloud forest tour” involves careening on zip lines across the treetops and clouds at 40mph. If you’re not afraid of heights, do it. If you are, now’s the time to get over it.

    Make sure you miss:

    1. San Jose. There is nothing to recommend the place. If you must, stay out by the university where you’ll meet friendly students. Stay clear of downtown. The only tourists who go there are American anglers looking for hookers, of which there are plenty.

    2. Any tour having anything to do with coffee. Drink the coffee, but the bugs that inhabit the plantations are nobody’s idea of a good time.

  4. glucksrazor

    Almost forgot… DEFINITELY sign up for a 1 day rafting trip on the Rio Pacuare. Whitewater rafting is incredibly fun, and there aren’t many places in the world where if your boat capsizes, you get dumped into bath-like 80 degree water.

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