Now Boarding: Jet Blue’s Recession Special

“Discount” airliner Jet Blue (I say “discount” because I haven’t had any luck in recent years finding a good deal on there) has offered the Jet Blue Promise: if you get laid off on or after February 17 and had purchased a ticket on Jet Blue between Feb. 1 and June 1, it will refund your ticket 100% if you choose. So if you want to trade in your blue Terra chips and personal TV for a little less anxiety, just follow the link for instructions.

Of course, it involves a bit of paperwork to get the refund, including filling out an Eligibility form, notarizing it, faxing it and then mailing it by certified mail. And it does not apply to corporate or group trips, or vacation packages. Besides, why would you give up your vacation once you’re unemployed – you might as well go enjoy the free time.


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